Water suppliers

The art and the science of irrigation

When it comes to ensuring that your gardens, grounds and plant life are kept efficiently watered, irrigation is both an art and a science. An art, because gardens are meant to beautiful, unblemished canvases of colour and cultivation. No one wants to see or hear intrusive watering systems if at all possible. And that’s where Instant Rain comes in. We are adept at installing irrigation systems that are not only inconspicuous and quiet but fit in an around your existing plants and gardens with the minimum of disruption. As for the science, Instant Rain is ever aware of the need to conserve water. Apart from deploying frugal systems and timers, Instant Rain utilises a range of efficient rain and waste water systems meaning that your ‘water footprint’ can be kept to a minimum.

Recycling waste water

Increasingly popular and wonderfully efficient, irrigation systems that utiliise waste and grey water can be installed and are particularly suitable for customers already using processed septic systems and filtered effluent pumps.

Safe and environmentally sound, filtered waste water systems can be used for spray irrigation, drip systems, mound systems, and long distance pumping jobs.

Boreholes – creating your own water supply

Depending on the location of your garden it may well be possible to create a private, self-sufficient water supply for your irrigation system. A borehole will enable you to tap in to the water table to harvest the fresh water that flows beneath our feet. Apart from being suitable for irrigating plants and gardens, once filtered, this natural spring water can be used as the household’s main supply and is good enough to drink.

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