Better irrigation, better garden

Whatever the situation, wherever the location, plants and gardens need a constant supply of healthy water to survive and flourish. Instant Rain offers automatic irrigation systems for every kind of need, including:

  • City gardens, balconies and roof terraces
  • Planters, window boxes and hanging baskets
  • Country homes, including kitchen gardens and formal gardens
  • Lawns, flower beds and grounds of all types
  • Business premises, including planters and outside communal spaces
  • Sports venues, such as golf clubs, football grounds and rugby clubs

No two irrigation needs are the same and thus Instant Rain will design a watering system that is precisely tailored to your situation and budget. Using best in breed manufacturers, Instant Rain designs and installs a wide range of systems including:

    • Micro drip technology
    • Water tanks and boreholes
    • Micro sprinklers
    • Pop up lawn sprinklers
    • Waste water recycling

Utilising our extensive knowledge and experience, and with the minimum of fuss and disruption, Instant Rain’s dedicated team of engineers will install the cost-effective irrigation system you need, quickly and efficiently.

Automatic watering

You cannot always be around to water your plants and grounds – but even if you were, perhaps you have better things to do with your time – such as relax in your beautiful garden.

An Instant Rain irrigation system will enable you to enjoy your garden without being a slave to it. Automatically watering your lawns, flower beds, pots and planters, precisely when and where they need it, our superbly efficient systems will give you the freedom and peace of mind that your garden is getting what it needs, when it needs it.

  • Precise placement to ensure accurate, efficient watering
  • Pre-set timers to deliver water at the hottest times of the day
  • Discrete placement to enhance the beauty of your plants and garden

Go away on business, take a foreign holiday or have an impromptu weekend away, content in the knowledge that your plants will receive the moisture they need, even during hottest of hot spells. Then come home to find your garden as healthy and lush as you left it.