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calenda showing June

Is Summer Here?

Let’s hope so, after such a wet May we would all welcome some sunshine and an increase in the temperatures this month.  June brings the longest day of the year on 21st, and the increased warmth (we hope!) and longer… Read More »Is Summer Here?

perennial begonia


In autumn, after a summer of leaf and flower growth, shrubs and perennials are busy growing their roots. If the temperature is warm or if it’s dry and windy in autumn, plants can quickly start to dehydrate and may need… Read More »Perennials

grass with a sign reading lawn care

Love Your Lawn

TLC for your lawn 💚 If your lawn needs some TLC, then September is a good time to take action. After mowing, use a rake to scarify the lawn and brush sand into the holes. Sprinkle a suitable lawn seed… Read More »Love Your Lawn

tomatoes on a chopping board with knife and onions

Growing Tomatoes !

It’s always fun and easy to grow tomato plants, watching and waiting for the first fruits to ripen ready for eating.  However, with a little extra care and attention you can help and encourage your plants to produce more for… Read More »Growing Tomatoes !