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calenda showing June

Is Summer Here?

Let’s hope so, after such a wet May we would all welcome some sunshine and an increase in the temperatures this month.  June brings the longest day of the year on 21st, and the increased warmth (we hope!) and longer… Read More »Is Summer Here?

Planting Hedges & Roses

Hedges There are such a wide variety of hedge “types” that you can plant. These include boundary, edible, wildlife and flowering hedges.  The plants for each of these hedges varies enormously, and of course planting times will also vary. A… Read More »Planting Hedges & Roses

autumn leaves pegged to a line

More Autumnal Jobs

In autumn you should clear away spent plants on the vegetable plot before they start to rot and become a host to pests and diseases. Remove any plants in borders which show signs of disease such as rust and fungus.… Read More »More Autumnal Jobs

lit up pumpkins with faces carved

Checklist for October

October is a busy month for gardeners. We hope your pumpkins are spectacular this year! From planting bulbs for spring flowers to wrapping up to prevent frost damage, the weather in the UK garden may not be bright and sunny,… Read More »Checklist for October

calendar open at September

September Tasks

Greenhouses in September Bring pots of late flowering chrysanthemums into the greenhouse along with any young perennials to protect them from frost. Water plants in the greenhouse sparingly and damp down the floor each morning as this will create humidity… Read More »September Tasks