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pumpkins being carved for Halloween

Growing Pumpkins

Learn more about growing and using pumpkins in the run up to Halloween. Whether you want to carve them or eat them, we have the info here.

raking garden leaves in October

October Jobs in the Garden

Is your garden looking a bit tired? We have all the tips and tricks to treat your garden to an October makeover, and ready for next year.

field of sunflowers

July Jobs in the Garden

July is the month of school holidays beginning, normally a month when you are taking your annual holiday – but perhaps not this year. Hopefully, you can experience some quality time in your garden instead. One of the jobs we… Read More »July Jobs in the Garden

calenda showing June

Is Summer Here?

Let’s hope so, after such a wet May we would all welcome some sunshine and an increase in the temperatures this month.  June brings the longest day of the year on 21st, and the increased warmth (we hope!) and longer… Read More »Is Summer Here?

close up of hosta leaves

Welcome to May

Are we starting summer?  I hope it’s warmer with you than it is with us if this is summer! With cold, cold nights still it is important to watch out for those late frosts. Make sure you are still protecting… Read More »Welcome to May

filed of red poppies

Your Garden in April

Are you spending more time in your garden?  Are you looking to “grow from seed” this year perhaps? If you sow seeds in April, you can benefit from beautiful flowers in the summer and through to the autumn. Some suggested… Read More »Your Garden in April

Planting Hedges & Roses

Hedges There are such a wide variety of hedge “types” that you can plant. These include boundary, edible, wildlife and flowering hedges.  The plants for each of these hedges varies enormously, and of course planting times will also vary. A… Read More »Planting Hedges & Roses