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More Autumnal Jobs

In autumn you should clear away spent plants on the vegetable plot before they start to rot and become a host to pests and diseases. Remove any plants in borders which show signs of disease such as rust and fungus.… Read More »More Autumnal Jobs

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Tasty herbs If you enjoy cooking, there is nothing like using fresh herbs from your garden.They are extremely easy to grow, and perennial types such as sage, rosemary and thyme come back every spring.Perennial herbs can become woody though, so… Read More »Herbtastic!

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Love Your Lawn

TLC for your lawn 💚 If your lawn needs some TLC, then September is a good time to take action. After mowing, use a rake to scarify the lawn and brush sand into the holes. Sprinkle a suitable lawn seed… Read More »Love Your Lawn

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September Tasks

Greenhouses in September Bring pots of late flowering chrysanthemums into the greenhouse along with any young perennials to protect them from frost. Water plants in the greenhouse sparingly and damp down the floor each morning as this will create humidity… Read More »September Tasks