Your Garden in April

filed of red poppies

Are you spending more time in your garden?  Are you looking to “grow from seed” this year perhaps?

If you sow seeds in April, you can benefit from beautiful flowers in the summer and through to the autumn.

Some suggested perennials for a variety of fragrance, heights, coverage, and colours are below.

If you are looking for height for the back of your borders, Angelica Gigas will give you not only height, but also fabulous crimson colours, with the bonus of attracting bees and butterflies. If you sow seeds between March and May they will need to be kept under cover, but the benefit will be colour from May to September.

For fragrance, especially in the long summer evenings, Nicotiana can be sowed now around your seating areas. You can also choose from a variety of colours including the “Tinkerbell” variety with its terracotta colour.

For more choice of colours, shapes, and scents, choose one of the Cosmos range – here are a choice of 15 different Cosmos.

Poppies are a great addition, especially if you have a wild-flower area in the garden and they are not all red! There are a great range of poppies, from yellow through orange to the large red opium poppies.

The spectacular Monarda will give you not only fabulous colour, but also scented foliage. They are versatile and do well in full sun or partial shade.

Are you looking for a climber? Ipomoea lobata (or Spanish Flat) is a fast-growing annual and will produce masses of red and yellow flowers, but do not plant out until after the frosts have finished!

multi coloured caterpillar

Wildlife jobs for the garden in April include:-

  • Leaving caterpillars for bird food
  • Empty your compost bin
  • Feed hedgehogs
  • Make a bee hotel

Vegetable patch planting jobs for the garden in April include:-

  • Last chance to sow aubergines, chillies, and tomatoes – otherwise wait till next month and visit the garden centre to buy plants
  • Plant beetroot, carrot, celeriac
  • Courgettes, marrow, squashes, cucumbers, and pumpkins – collective known as cucurbits
  • Plant your salad items such as lettuce, peas, and radishes

As always, when planting new plants or seeds, the correct watering is vital, and the easiest way to ensure that is to install a garden irrigation or automatic watering system.

For more details on the above, visit Gardeners World.