Is Summer Here?

calenda showing June

Let’s hope so, after such a wet May we would all welcome some sunshine and an increase in the temperatures this month.  June brings the longest day of the year on 21st, and the increased warmth (we hope!) and longer days mean the garden becomes more exuberant. However, it isn’t just the plants that have growth spurts. Where have all those weeds sprouted from you might think, so at this time of the year it is important to keep on top of the weeding.

General Jobs

  • Hoe borders regularly to keep control of the weeds. If you manage the weeds well, you won’t need to resort to chemicals to control them. Hoeing, smothering, burning, and using weed barriers are all effective sustainable actions.
  • Be mindful of watering – especially if conditions dry. Of course, one of the best ways to manage water use is to install a garden irrigation system.
  • If you wish to maintain a traditional, short lawn, you will need to mow regularly, probably at least once a week. However, if you want to encourage wildlife and insects you can keep the lawn longer for those. Perhaps consider growing a mini wildflower meadow? The RHS has a great article if that is something you want to do.
  • If you have hedges or large shrubs to trim, please check first for nesting birds before carrying out trimming or pruning.

Flowery Jobs

  • Position your hanging baskets and any containers that you are moving out from either the greenhouse or the house. Vibrant bedding plants give a wonderful colourful eye-level display in hanging baskets.
  • Continue to plant summer bedding either in pots or in borders – remembering to water regularly to help them get established quickly.
  • Cutting back spring-flowering perennials will encourage fresh foliage for the summer.
field of red poppies

Veggie Jobs

  • Tomato plants can be planted outside now but remember they will still need regular feeding to produce wonderful fresh tomatoes.
  • As an addition to your flowering hanging baskets, you can plant up with herbs and trailing tomato plants. This will give a different focus to purely decorative baskets.
  • Keep an eye out for those pests – do evening snail hunts regularly to keep control and prevent plant damage.
  • Harvesting salad plants such as lettuce & radish will provide you with fresh, tasty salads and if you have potatoes planted, early potatoes should also be ready for harvesting this month.

In the Greenhouse

  • It is important to ensure that you have the correct levels of shading and ventilation in the greenhouse so that you can keep control of temperatures and prevent the greenhouse getting too hot over the summer.
  • Careful and regular watering is, of course, very important during the warmer summer months and you may consider an automatic watering system for the greenhouse. Contact us if you would like more information on installations.
  • If you wish to have fresh herbs in the house, now is the time to sow them in pots for the kitchen. Herbs such as coriander, parsley and basil are perfect for the windowsill.

It is also important to get the garden furniture out if it is stored under cover for the winter. Carry out any maintenance or cleaning so that you are absolutely ready to enjoy your garden and all your hard work.